Behind the Camera.

We are creatures of habit and often forget to look around and admire the smaller things in life. Had we been tourists in our own neighbourhoods maybe we would have noticed, and maybe it would have made us smile.


My name is Laura Milmeister and over the last 15 years I've been capturing these moments.


I'm fascinated with the miraculous world we live in, from the genious details of a cell to the social norms that form cities and countries. I'm a sociologist, theologist, psychologist, strategist, writer, and creator.


In my photography I move from detail to the big picture, more focused on composition, symmetry and colour than anything else. I must admit, I do have a fascination with people, doors, windows, alleys and stairs. You'll notice this I'm sure.


I love the feeling of taking "the right shot" - you know it before you even press the trigger. This is my goal, these rare beauties, well composed and capturing the perfect moment. I very rarely do post-edits. That is a different art-form.


Born in Moscow, Russia, I grew up in Australia, and now find myself living in Israel. I travel as much as I can and always follow the path less seen.


If you interested in purchasing one of my photographs or a series please be in touch. 


I hope that my work inspires you, allows you to dream and to build.